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About Us

MedForce is a full-service medical communications company offering a comprehensive portfolio of services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Committed to providing exceptional customer service, MedForce develops and implements innovative advisory and promotional tactics to meet your strategic objectives. We strive to maximize the impact and reach of our clients' marketing efforts throughout the product lifecycle. Established in 2001, MedForce boasts over 60 years combined medical communications experience amongst senior management. Each member of our management team brings over 15 years experience in pharmaceutical marketing to become a valued partner to any brand or client.

Operational Expertise

  • Scalable service model built around rigorous SOPs and business rules to provide flawless execution of high volume engagements

Industry Leading Technology

  • Proprietary systems built in-house allows customized solutions for our clients based on evolving industry needs

Compliance and Business Process Expertise

  • Expertise, SOPs, and business processes developed over the breadth of program execution experience
  • Customize processes to meet needs of each client
  • Leader in adherence to industry and government HCP interaction mandates

Consultative Service to our Customers

  • Provide consultative account support in program development and execution
  • Provide consultative and benchmarking guidance to clients as requested
  • MedForce’s core philosophy of exceptional service to all client stakeholders is the cornerstone of employee training and satisfaction measurements

Program/speaker management systems serving:

15,000+ Sales Representatives, 1000+ District Managers, 150+ Regional Directors & 100+ Brands
Speaker events on our current platform
Speaker events managed in 2019
Virtual and convention programs managed in 2019
Advisory and consultant meetings in 2019

HCP Sustainability Initiatives

CPR training:
  • Done yearly every Spring
  • Provides employees with basic training on CPR, AED, and basic first aid
  • Purpose is to help employees assist an injured person properly until advanced EMTs arrive
Flu Shots:
  • Done yearly every Fall
  • Aetna and CVS Pharmacy partnered with HCP to provided flu shots for employees
  • Coordinate with providers a set date & time frame to offer to employees
  • Intended to protect employees and prevent the spread of the virus
  • Employees sign up for a specific time slot and receive the vaccine on-site
Biometric Wellness Screening:
  • Done yearly every Fall
  • Aetna, Quest, and HCP partnered to promote company wellness for the company
  • Intended to promote employee wellness through yearly check-in on the following:
  • • Total Cholesterol
  • • HDL, TC/HDL ratio
  • • Biometrics: Height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference
  • • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation
  • • Non-fasting finger stick screenings as well
  • Employees sign up for a specific time slot and receive the screening conveniently on-site
Breast Cancer Awareness:
  • Done yearly every Fall
  • Promote breast cancer awareness through prevention discussion and early detection tips
  • Encourage employees to stay alert for any signs/symptoms

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